Bed-Stuy Strong

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Bed-Stuy Strong (BSS) is a mutual aid network of neighbors helping neighbors in a spirit of solidarity. All of our members are ordinary folks giving and receiving help.

Since COVID-19 hit NYC in March 2020, hundreds of BSS members have been part of various projects in Bed-Stuy like grocery delivery, expanding wifi access, trash clean up, and civic engagement in protests, voting, and the census. Members also directly support each other by redistributing resources (like air conditioners, winter clothing, baby clothes, and rent assistance) within our neighborhood.

Signing up to become a BSS member means that you will:

Our Guiding Principles

  1. We move in solidarity.
  2. We do the work humbly.
  3. We draw on our neighborhood’s legacy of resourcefulness.
  4. We are accountable to and show care, for each other, and to neighbors who seek our support, particularly those who have been historically excluded by systems of power.
  5. We hold space for joyful, compassionate, imaginative work and thinking.

As a BSS member, you are lovingly encouraged to move in solidarity with neighbors by asking for help when you need it, and providing support when you’re able to.